Monday, February 28, 2011

Start the week Right!

What up yall! I got a bunch of new music, so lets dive right in. Oh and I'm sorry I couldn't hook you up with a stream...I will on my new post.

 First up, new Willow! I don't really care what you guys think about me when I say, Whip My Hair is one of my favorite tracks to bang when I'm spinin'. So of course I'm going to break you off with Willows new track 21st Century Girl. 

Next up we got a freestyle by two of my favorite MC's Kanye West  & Mos Def.  Just a little background behind this little moment in hip hop history. It all went down in NYC at the Blue Note Jazz Club with Lupe Fiasco preforming with the band,  then  announced two MC's (Kanye West  & Mos Def) steal the spot light  and the rest is history. On a side note, it's bomb that these two juggernauts of hip hop still keep it real.

About two weeks ago I had the privilege of seeing  J. Cole preform and chill in VIP with him. After his performance, which was too fck'n hype,  I got a chance to hear him chop it up with Felli Fel. Hearing his words and his passion for what he does best, yet remaining humble is a rare thing to hear these days. "If you rise to the top with out legs and a foundation, what do you have left to fall on?" Anyway here is a new joint from Mr. Cole

And last but certainly not least--One of my favorite djs, FASHEN!!!!! Every time I see this dude he is wrecking the party! Gets dudes jump'n, females drop'n, and makes the bass shake so hard you think you crapped yourself. This past Friday he killed the jump off mix on power 106! If you haven't heard now your get to witness the underground electro scene main streamed....

edited by: Araceli Soto

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Some Real Cool Kids

For alil while I've been listen to the Cool kids, but I'm really feel'n their new single that they just dropped called "Bundle up" off their up coming album When fish ride bicycles. It's really chill and just a easy vibe'n song. So enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: The Cool Kids - Bundle up

Also,  heres some old gold that I thought never got much love by The Bloody Beetroots and The Cool Kids

< DOWNLOAD: The Bloody Beetroots feat. The Cool Kids- Awesome

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


First off, I wanted thank all of you for stopping by and checking out my blog. Harder than Concrete is all about new music, new spots, and stayin’ ahead of the curve. My team, friends, fellow DJs, and myself will be working hard to hit you with the latest hot spots, fashion, music, and other bangin’ jive you may not be up on.

So, I started this new thing called “I Remember When Wednesdays.” This is all about reminiscing about music, fashions, and other trends that you miss, forgot about, and just want to hear again. I started off with a 90’s house party mix. Yeah I know I was just a little little kid in the early 90’s but I remember watching MTV, house party movies, and listening to my aunts talking about how hype it was. Regardless, the music and lifestyle was just as fresh! From the gold MC hammer pants, to the bright neon shirts, and wild eraser head hair styles the 90's were dope. So enjoy this kick-off mix I did off the cuff with no set. Make sure to check back for more soon, and keep those fly ass dance moves going down!

DOWNLOAD: I Remember When vol 1