Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nothing but Hip Hop

Its a Tuesday we got through day of over the week so lets keep it going with some the latest Hip Hop drops.

No one new at all to the game Nas! One of my favorite MC's, this dude always keeps it 100% raw. From his heavy beats to his nasty skill.  This track "Nasty" is exactly that...

Next up Big Sean. Got a couple of tracks but this dude that will definitely bang in your system. First track  features Rascoe Dash and Mr. West.  "Marvin & Chardonnay" definitely is on of the catchy hook having, big bass thump, G.O.O.D music inspired jam. While the "100 keys"  with Ricky Ross & Pusha T has a very synthy, dark melodic, whip driving join. Enjoy

Now on to a classic track produced by Kanye West  with a smooth flow give by Cyhi Da Prynce and Big Sean.  With a jazz percussion, sax, and tamborine "Woopty Doo"  is a much needed break from the norm.

Now for on to the man that has been all over this blog Kanye West! When I seen that he put out another track (as usual) I was waiting for it to been thrown in to the pool of the rest of his songs, but his track sounds like it came from College Drop Out. "Mama's Boyfriend" has that same style like when he was first debuting...

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