Friday, March 25, 2011



First off all wanted to apologize for not writing for a couple of weeks, but i got a gang of tunes for you weekend! So LET'S GET IN!!


Let's start this off on the West Cost! This first track by Dr. Dre feat. Swizzie mos definitely  has that OG west coast feel that we all been waiting for Dre to drop. Not at all hating on his new work coming off the Detox album, but its been missing that west coast vibe. Not to worry "Chiiin" has the cure for that, it has that beat that makes you wanna roll your windows down and turn it up till your speakers crack.

DOWNLOAD AND LISTEN: Dr. Dre feat. Swizz Beatz - Chillin

Now still on that Wess Wess... We got alil Snoop Dogg. This new joint titled "Eyes Closed" and features Kanye West and John Legend. This song has a lot of diversity from what were used to from Snoop-a-Loop. With samples of live guitar, drums, and has a whole different vibe. 

DOWNLOAD AND LISTEN: Snoop Dogg feat Kanye West & John Legend - Eyes Closed


Now keep'n on that John Legend tip we leak into our next track that he covers by Adele. Rolling in the Deep really showcases one of the G.O.O.D members. Straight acapella and all around soul full song! 


One of D.C.'s finest Wale! Now if you remember my first post on this blog was a 90's mix I did, and had one song that made you wanna "JUMP! JUMP!" So i guess Wale wanted to as well, here's his freestyle off Kriss Kross' jump!


Last up for this hip hop part, Weezy and Ricky Ross. If I die today beat goes way hard and has nasty lyrics to match it. Enough said...

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