Monday, March 14, 2011

Jump off to the WEEK!

Aye!! What's good yall?!? I have a lot of new music for all of you hip hop enthusiast! So let's see what's more hood then this ghetto ass McHood ride.

Since Yeezy's release of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy every MC, rapper, or  whatever you want to call them has as jumped on Kanye's tip. So Weezy, Drizzy, and Big Sean decided to do the same with this All of the Lights remix.

DOWNLOAD AND LISTEN: Kanye West feat Lil Wayne, Big Sean, and Drake -All of the Lights remix

We on to the next with Lupe Fiasco. Before I get to talking about this track, I have to say that his new album Lasers is nasty! The beats that he selected are on point and taking a new curve, shape, and image to his already established style. He's lyrics are real deep and has a lot more to talk about then just "Paper, bitches, and weed."So cop that! This track Stereo Sun doesn't at all stray from is album sound, I'm actually surprised it wasn't on there. But oh well...

DOWNLOAD AND LISTEN: Lupe Fiasco - Stereo Sun

Every since the BET freestyle with hip hop giants Common and Kanye West, Big Sean defiantly caught my ear. Not even gunna lie, I didn't really pay much attention to him prior to that, but since this mixtape Finally Famous 3 came out my views have changed! Peep flow!

DOWNLOAD: Big Sean - Finally Famous 3 mixtape

No one new to the game, Dom Kennedy. Not really going to say much about this mixtape "Original Dom Kennedy," it will speak for itself.

Last but not least.... The Game and young money general Lil Wayne. Now personal I don't care when heads slow down a house tracks and make it a "hip hop" beat, but on this track Red Nation this went too hard! Sampling Benny Benassi "zombie nation" Game and Weezy annihilate the beat!

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