Wednesday, March 2, 2011


So to start off todays blog with no surprise... CHARLIE SHEEN. With all this talk of charlie I had to make a complete post of just him, and thing related to him. But before I give you a few thoughts on what I think about this interview, I would first like to you watch it for the first time or again!

Now my thoughts... LMFAO!

With all this talk about this tiger-blooded booger-sugar aficionado, some major controversy has surfaced. But what better way to compliment infamy with a celebration?! We all know Sheen parties hard so check out something else that's "winning", LA LEAKERS's very own Just-N-Credible's mixtape, Unemployed Winner. I won't spoil it by telling you about it just download it! I will say that J.Cred did work!

DOWNLOAD AND LISTEN: JustinCredible - Unemployed Winner

Ya, and btw I didn't write this blog by myself. As if you couldn't tell. Shout out Ari!

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